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BMX Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a BMX

Yes, those funny little stunt bikes from the 1970s. The BMX has been around for a very long time and grown from what was a cycling take on a motocross bike. So too is where the name comes from; Bicycle Motocross. However, if it was taken taken literally it would be more BMC but the time was the 70s and using an ‘X’ for the ‘Cross’ part was way more inline with the Californian cool of the era.

What sets a BMX apart from other bikes are their ability for the rider to do tricks. With a smaller and stronger components and design a BMX gives the rider increased control and confidence to learn and perform tricks.

Key features:

  • Small wheels - 20” wheels are great for strength and manoeuvrability. You’ll also see features such as double wall rims (added strength) and 36 or 48 spokes (again, more spokes more strength).
  • Tyres - smooth for street and ramp riding, knobbly for dirt riding. BMX tyres have become wider over the years giving the rider a greater contact area (and grip) along with more impact absorption because unlike other bikes a BMX has no suspension.
  • Brakes - BMX has evolved from using a front and rear brake to just a rear brake and now many riders choose to ride with no brakes. As the sport has evolved so to have the tricks. Many riders use their feet for what were front brake tricks and with no brakes riders get an advantage of a more natural feel and reduced weight.
  • Single gear - control is king and with a simple fixed rear gear there is less to worry about coupled with added weight reduction as as BMX is more for tricks than actual cycling. The gear ratio can feel hard compared to most bikes starting gear but a BMX is unrivalled for its quick acceleration which is perfect for having the speed for tricks in an instant.
  • Handlebars - having dramatically raised bars helps keep the frame and centre of gravity low for control and tricks.
  • Stunt pegs - call them what you will; grind pegs, trick nuts, stunt pegs, they are what makes the BMX have such a diverse variety of tricks available to it for grinding rails, ledges and ramps.

With all these design benefits honed over decades it’s easy to see why the BMX is as popular as ever not only as a bicycle but as a sport and lifestyle. Start your journey into the world of BMX today with Click Cycle.

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