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Bike Pedal Types

What's the difference between clip-in, clipless and flat pedals? 

Flat or clip-in? If you have no idea what they mean then you’re in the right place to learn a few things about bike pedals.

It’s important to have the right pedals for both performance and also safety. Depending on the type of bike you use and how you use it having a suitable pair of pedals is essential to keeping you moving.

Flat Bike Pedals

Also known as platform pedals these are the most common pedal type found on the majority of bikes. Their name is pretty self-explanatory as to why they are called this as they are flat and create a platform for you to stand on. The biggest difference between this type and the clip-in type are that you are not attached to the pedal and can simply take your foot off with ease.

Clip-in Pedals (also known as Clipless!)

Some riders want better power transfer and smoother pedals so in turn they can opt for a clip style of pedal. It takes a bit of practice to get in and out of them however you’ll really notice the difference once you’re up and running (or pedalling we should say). As for Clipless pedals; the name comes from pedals having a cage/strap/clips or 'rat trap' accessory to keep your feet on the pedals was once a thing, but if you remove what was the 'clip' they become clipless (and are directly attached to the pedal instead). Confusing, but clipless means no 'clip' compared to the old skool method!

Which ever pedal type you need or pedal spares and accessories be sure to check out our range here at Click Cycle.


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