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Going one step further to make life a little easier and pack in more value for customers; we've put together a series of our tyres with their matching tubes all on the same page. So whether you're here for a single tyre, you can instantly see the savings available doubling up with a duo of tyres giving you fresh rubber all round. Plus if you want to take advantage of throwing in a tube or two, you'll find a full setup in the dropdown menu on the page. 

Bike tyre and tube set example. 2 tyres with 2 inner tubes bundle

Not only does it save you needing to go hunting for a matching tube, we've really upped the ante on the pricing. If you're buying a bundle, then we want to pass on even greater savings. So the classic sales line of 'the more you buy, the more you save' is in full effect for everyone to win!


Check out the tyre & tube collections below:


12" Tyre & Tube Sets

14" Tyre & Tube Sets

16" Tyre & Tube Sets

18" Tyre & Tube Sets

20" Tyre & Tube Sets

24" Tyre & Tube Sets

26" Tyre & Tube Sets

29" Tyre & Tube Sets

700" Tyre & Tube Sets


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